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PIB helps building a gathering space for central Italy earthquake victims

Posted On January 20th, 2017   /   Posted by Nicola Belliardi   /   Category: PIB News & Events   /   Topics: , , , ,

Dear PIB members,


we are excited to provide you with a brief update following the November 8th event featuring Mons. Gennaro Matino (click here for info on that event).

The $5000 collected by PIB were used by the Mondo Amico Association, led by Mons. Matino, to build a community room adjacent to a newly constructed church in Arquata del Tronto, one of the towns most badly hit by the 2016 earthquakes which devastated central Italy. The work was done under the supervision of Mons. Giovanni D’Ercole, Bishop in that area, who pointed out the need to build a place for the community to get together during these difficult times.

Pictures of the room, the restroom, and of the adjacent church are shown below in this page, along with a video broadcasted by RAI Italia covering Mons. Matino’s visit to PIB (in Italian).

Although far from Italy, we are humbled and proud to have helped efforts in bringing together the citizens of Arquata with our small but heartfelt contribution as a community of Italian Professionals in Boston.

Thanks to all of you who donated for this cause!

The PIB Team



In case you missed it here’s the clip aired on RAI Community on December 30th including excerpts from Mons. Matino‚Äôs talk held at the Boston Italian Consulate and organized by PIB on November 8th, 2016