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Why PIB?

In early 2009, thanks to introductions by Mr. Liborio Stellino, at that time Consul General of Italy in Boston, a small group of young Italian professionals gathered to create a community for Italian-speaking and Italian professionals in town. The project turned into the leading group for Italians in Boston, which today counts over 1000 members from academia and industry, and sets an example for Italian communities in other US cities which are starting to replicate the project developed in Boston.

PIB favors collaborations with other Italian groups in and out of Boston, and closely partners its activities with the Italian Consulate network and the current General Consul of Italy in Boston, Mr Arnaldo Minuti.

Executive Managers

Giovanni Abbadessa

Giovanni is one of PIB’s co-founders. Serves as Coordinator of PIB’s management group, of events, partnerships, and of the site managers.

MD, PhD, Vice President at ArQule, Inc, he is focused on translational and clinical research to select new drug candidates and bring them to clinical development through phase 1-3 trials.

Vittoria Ballerini

Vittoria is actively involved in the group management and events planning and execution.
Vittoria earned her Master’s Degree in Business Engineering from the University of Bologna and completed an Executive Course at MIT. With several years of experience in strategy, product marketing, and customer experience, she currently works as Product Strategy Sr Manager at Frontier Communication.

Nicola Belliardi

Nicola contributes to the PIB event planning and takes part in the website maintenance.
Nicola works as managing director for a VoIP long distance carrier specialized in voice, SMS and internet services. He holds a master in Digital Media Design from Harvard University and manages several websites in his spare time.

Elisa Celli

Elisa is actively involved in group management, event planning, and execution.
Elisa received her Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and North Carolina State University. Elisa moved to Boston to work as a Cloud Solutions Architect to then further her education with a Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University

Giovanni Di Ronza

Giovanni holds a Master of Science in Public Policy and Government Science and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication.
He is Senior Human Resources Manager and Mentor for Professionals with extensive experience on People Development and Change Management at Enel.


Cesare Ferri

Cesare Ferri is originally from Teramo, Italy. He got his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bologna. After graduating from Bologna, he joined Brown University (Providence, RI) as a grad student in Computer Engineering. During his Phd at Brown, he investigated low-power techniques for multi-processor embedded systems, as well as the development of design methods to improve the yield of 3D integrated circuits. After completing his Phd, Cesare joined Marvell Semiconductors to work as a Security Firmware Engineer (with tasks related to cryptographic algorithm optimizations). In 2017 Cesare joined Amazon as a software engineer to work for the Alexa organization (focusing on building microservices to support voice and audio recognition). From 2019 Cesare is also a manager of PIB, an organization that he considers as family and that he is helping expand by co-hosting professional events (talks, networking etc). His hobbies include anything related to wine and food (ci mancherebbe!), football (aka soccer), boxing, F1, go-karting, tennis, skiing, sailing, traveling etc.

Gabriele Luzzi

Sonia Manca

Sonia moved to Boston in 2018 and became an active member of PIB since then. She is involved in event planning and execution plus monthly curation of the newsletter.
Sonia holds a PhD in Molecular Medicine with 15+ years of experience in biological research at University and Pharma companies. She is currently a Senior Scientist and Project Leader in the preclinical phase for Rare and Neuro Diseases. 

Anna Manco

Matteo Notargiacomo

Francesca Seta

Francesca is involved in activities planning and event organization as one of the managers.

Francesca received her PhD in Pharmacology from New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY and, after four years of Postdoctoral Fellowship in Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, she moved to Boston where she currently works as Associate Professor at Boston University School of Medicine, leading her own research group on cardiovascular diseases.

Guglielma Torre

Guglielma is a PIB manager since 2017, actively involved in activities planning and event management and execution.
Guglielma holds a PhD in Economics and Management of Healthcare Holdings and Organizations, and a Master of Science in Biological Sciences, with majors in Physiology and Pathology. With 15+ years focused on healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, developing and executing operational strategy, and leading the development of new business models, she currently leads new drugs commercialization, from late phase 3 trials, in the filed of Rare Blood Disorders.

Associate Managers

Valentina Cecchi, Elisa Dell'Oglio, Nadia Di Carlo, Lisa Ferro, Lauren Hefferon, Alessandro Gatti, Fausto Panizzolo, Marco Perucchi, Antonella Pirone, Rosario Ragusa, Giovanni Saraceni, Alessandro Vianello

Honorary Members

Name Location
Alessandro Gatti Boston, MA
Alessandro Rollo Boston, MA
Alessandro Vianello Boston, MA
Andrea Messuti Milan, Italy
Andrea Vaccari San Francisco, CA
Chiara Vannucci Boston, MA
Elisa Dell'Oglio Boston, MA
Fausto Panizzolo Padova, Italy
Federica Casati Boston, MA
Giuseppe De Prisco Houston, TX
Liborio Stellino Milan, Italy
Marcella Debidda San Diego, CA
Nadia Di Carlo Boston, MA
Giuseppe Pastorelli Toronto, Canada
Bastiano Sanna New York, NY
Raffaella Paparcone San Diego, CA
Salvatore Mascia Boston, MA
Salvatore Ragusa Boston, MA
Francesco Fragasso Boston, MA
Enrico Vietri Boston, MA
Valentina Oppezzo Boston, MA
Fabrizio Filippini Kansas City, MO
Marco Ferrara Boston, MA
Gaia Sciaranghella Boston, MA
Marco Perucchi Boston, MA
Laura Indolfi Boston, MA
Michele Moresco Boston, MA
Valentina Cecchi Boston, MA