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Professionisti Italiani in Boston over the years has been featured in several news outlets.

This page contains an excerpt of PIB history through the eyes, or lenses, of the digital and printed media.

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Videos about PIB on RAI Italia:

Pasqua Virtuale 2020  Professionisti Italiani a Boston members describe how PIB has shifted our educational and entertaining programs to a virtual platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the lockdown, PIB’s creative programs foster a strong sense of community and cohesion. Thanks to a number of dedicated volunteers, and tools like Facebook live streaming and Zoom, even the traditional Easter egg-hunt can be done from the safety of one’s home. Aired on RAI’s program “L’Italia con voi” , April 14th, 2020.


COVID-19 emergency Journalist Stefano Salimbeni interviews several Bostonian residents as they describe what it means to live in the States during the pandemic outbreak. Among the interviewees are PIB managers Antonella Pirrone and Francesca Seta whom describe PIB’s efforts to reach the Italian Community with a program of online-only events. Aired on RAI’s program “L’Italia con voi” , April 06th, 2020.


Italian Expo Day 2019 Over 65 businesses – from real estate professionals and CPAs to artists, from schools and restaurants to clothing and food manufacturers – were brought together by PIB for an unique day of promotion and celebration of Italian expertise and craftsmanship. Followed by a concert featuring Marco Pignataro – Director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute – and his jazz quartet, the event garnered positive impressions from the Bostonian Italian community – and beyond. Aired on RAI’s program “L’Italia con voi” , April 12th, 2019.


The State of Italy, Today. This event, which brought together Harvard Business School Associate Professor Marco Di Maggio, RAI Journalist Stefano Salimbeni and Former US Ambassador to Italy David Thorne to discuss Italy’s current economic and political situation, was featured on RAI Community, May 21st 2018. 


PIPhilly. PIB’s sister association based in Philadelphia is featured in this RAI Community episode aired on February 23rd 2017.  PIPhilly was formed in 2011 as a result of the joint effort of the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia and a community of young Italian professionals inspired by the PIB success story.


Etica, accoglienza sostenibile, terremoto. Father Gennaro Matino: theologist, philosopher missionary, writer and University Professor is interviewed in occasion of his North American visit. The clip aired on RAI Community on December 30th includes excerpts from Father Matino’s talk held at the Boston Italian Consulate and organized by PIB on November 8th, 2016. Father Matino touched upon subjects such as ethics and solidarity, topics particularly relevant in the aftermath of the earthquakes which severely hit Central Italy in August and  the impact of the recent increase in immigration waves caused by conflicts in Syria and the Middle East.


Scuola PIB, PIB’s “Scuola Italiana” is featured in a clip aired on RAI Community. The scholastic year 2016-17 was inaugurated by a very special guest: Italian Minister of Education Stefania Giannini. November 2016.


From Space to Earth: Past, Present and Future of food Stefano Polato, Responsible of the project Space Food Lab Argotec held a talk on nutrition and the groundbreaking research conducted to develop a balanced diet for astronauts  in collaboration with Harvard Professor of applied mathematics and physics Michael Brenner and PIB featured in this episode of RAI Community (minute 21:00). Boston, May 2016. Learn more about this PIB event.


North End Story, in collaboration with North End Historical Society and Dante Alighieri of Massachusetts. April 2016.


Soccer in Italian for children in collaboration with Scuola Italiana del Sabato PIB. July 2015.


PIB Sailing Championship with children from underserved areas of Naples, in collaboration with Mascalzone Latino and the Italian General Consulate in Boston. July 2015.


Professionisti Italiani a Boston (PIB) on Rai Italia. December 2013.


Professionisti Italiani a Boston (PIB) on Reteconomy. Aprile 2012.


Space Conference, with astronauts Roberto Vittori (European Space Agency) and Jeffrey Hoffman NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In collaboration with the Italian General Consulate in Boston and MIT Italy. March 2014.


Economic Panel on Euro and the crisis with Alberto Alesina, Lorenzo Bini-Smaghi, Massimo Gaggi, Francesco Giavazzi, Dante Roscini. In collaboration with Consolato Generale di Italia a Boston. April 2012.

Discussion with Alberto Alesina (Harvard)

Interview to Alberto Alesina and Lorenzo Bini-Smaghi (Harvard)

Discussion with Lorenzo Bini-Smaghi (Harvard)

Discussion with Massimo Gaggi (Corriere della Sera)

Discussion with Francesco Giavazzi (MIT)

Discussion with Dante Roscini (Harvard Business School)


Articles about PIB or PIB’s events on newspapers and websites:

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