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Origini Italia - Study Abroad in Italy

Posted On February 12th, 2015   /   Posted by marco   /   Category: Non-PIB News & Events

Origini Italia – Study Abroad in Italy

A course entitled “Origini Italia”, has been promoted by the ITA (Italian Trade Agency) in Rome and also by MIB (School of Management) based in Trieste.

The course is for young men and women who already have a university degree or diploma, preferably with a few years of industry experience, interested in learning more about entrepreneurial and managerial skill sets to eventually establish new professional relationships with firms in Italy.

The project began 15 years ago for descendants of immigrants from Friuli Venezia Giulia and was meant to end in 2014 but from this year forward participation is open to all descendants of Italian immigrants. The end goal is for the participants to learn more about their homeland and their ancestors, but also to establish not only an emotional bond but to begin to build new professional relationships between Italy and their home country.

Classes will be held in English but basic familiarity with the Italian language is preferred during candidate selection.

The course lasts 20 weeks and in 2015 will take place from July 13th to November 14th at the School of Management in Trieste (Palazzo del Ferdinandeo, Largo Caduti di Nasirya) and at the Italian Trade Agency in Rome (Via Liszt 24).

For your convenience, please find the informational packet and registration form below:

Origini Italy Application Form
Family Information Form

The forms are also available for download on the MIB website

To participate in the selection process you must submit an application alongside a letter giving reason for your interest in the course, together with any letters of reference you may want to include. The above mentioned documents must be sent via email, or faxed, to the MIB School of Management no later than March 31st, 2015.

The MIB School of Management covers room, board and travel expenses on behalf of all participants for the duration of the course.